See the S3Model Introduction Tutorial in the User Guide for an easy to follow and very informative introduction to S3Model.


  • Create a directory for testing the Examples:

    mkdir S3MPythonExamples
  • Change to the directory:

    cd S3MPythonExamples
  • Create a virtual environment. Here we are using Anaconda.:

    conda create -n S3MPythonExamples pip
  • Activate the environment:

    conda activate S3MPythonExamples
  • Install S3MPython:

    pip install S3MPython
  • Now you must follow the instructions for Project Integration.

See the Initialization and Configuration documentation for the next steps.

Additional Tutorials

  • DataModel01.py creates a full data model like the one from the Introduction tutorial.

  • DataModel02.py creates a data model example for an IoT device. Specifically a ??????

Remove Example Environment

Use these commands:

conda deactivate
conda remove --name S3MPythonExamples --all