S3Model Introduction

Getting Started with S3Model

A gentle introduction to working with S3Model is provided by a set of Jupyter notebooks that import the Python implementation of S3Model named S3M_Python.

Each notebook will guide the user through a logical sequence to become familiar with S3Model components and use of the library in applications to build semantically rich, coherent data models.

For complete details of each model component, see the official reference model documentation, specifically the technical documentation.

Using the tutorials

There are some great things about Jupyter notebooks and some drawbacks. Using S3Model in a notebook is not the recommended approach for building S3Model based tools. However, Jupyter notebooks are valuable for building familiarity with the S3Model Reference Model components.


The user must always run the cells in the sequence from top to bottom when executing the tutorials. Anything else is precarious. When experimenting with changing values in a cell, be sure to use the Cell->Run All Above option from the menu.

For complete installation and setup instructions go to the Tutorial Setup page. However, we strongly suggest the you continue with the rest of the chapters here before trying the tutorials.