The Future

S3Model Translator is a bridge between the current application-centric information management world and a datacentric world where data can be understood and used anywhere without ingestion costs. This new datacentric world is the foundation of computable, semantic interoperability.

What is computable semantic interoperability

The Big Data age is well underway and is not slowing down. Currently, data scientists spend some %80 of their time preparing data for analysis. There are direct costs involved in this ingestion process as well as unknown costs due to changes in data that may or may not be valid according to when, where and in what context the data was initially captured. Efforts to clean and massage data lead to unknowable data quality issues. Kind of like making square data fit into a round system. When performing this cleaning activity, data scientists often have to make decisions about the applicability of specific data for analysis, and they can be wrong either in including or excluding data.

Computable Semantic Interoperability is the ability for a machine to decide if data is appropriate for use in a specific context. The rules can be established using any of the many existing rule-based approaches from SPARQL queries to complex Rules Engines. These approaches are limited to a context because of the way we currently model data. In other words, the rules are specific to the data model being evaluated because the semantics are well known inside this closed system.

This ability of the machine to decide can only happen when it has access to the full semantics of the original data capture. The semantics are usually locked up in the source code and the database structure of the originating application. If there existed a standard, core data model for all domains, for all time; then it would be possible to build reusable rules based on reusable data. Now, this model exists. S3Model is the foundation of the new data-centric world. This new world does require a new paradigm in how data modeling is performed. The change from application-centric to data-centric is the new approach to information management and analysis.

Data Insights, Inc. offers forward-looking modeling tools for enterprises to begin their transition from application-centric information management to data-centric, computable, model-based information management. This new paradigm saves money and improves information quality.

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